Burbank, California

  Librascope from the Latin word libra meaning "balance" and scope meaning "indicator" is a balance computer for calculating an aircraft's center of gravity and total weight.
  Lewis W. Imm development the first Librascope and founded the company in 1937. The first Librascope was designed for the Douglas DC-3 and Lockheed "14". In 1939, Librascope Development Company became Librascope Incorporated. In 1941 Librascope became a subsidiary of General Precision Equipment Corporation. And GPE Corporation was acquired by The Singer Company in 1968.

Type LC-1
WWII Navy PV-1 "Balance Computor"
Librascope Incorporation
Burbank, California
Made for the WWII U.S. Navy Lockheed PV-1 Vega "Ventura" antisubmarine patrol bomber. The computer has 19 dials to imput fuel load and tanks, bomb load, guns, ammo, torpedos etc. and uses this information to calculates Total Weight and Center of Gravity.
Type: manually operated linkage type

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