Radio Electronics 1959
Radio Electronics January 1959
"Computers Speed Aircraft Design"
featuring the Heath Analog Computer.
Analog computer are used to simulate real world systems. Aircraft design was one of the early wide spread uses.
During the 40's, 50's and 60's electronic analog computers were used to simulate the characteristics of a new aircraft, missle, or rocket designs. Because of their true parallel computing nature, speed, small size, and ease of programming, they beat digitial computers hands down in these kinds of tasks.
In the mid 60's a new class of computer took over these jobs, the hybrid (combination analog / digital) computer.

Suggested reading about analog computers

This is the best book I have seen for someone new to analog computers

Basics of Analog Computers Truitt,T.D. and Rogers,A.E. John F. Rider Publisher Inc. 1960

Other books about analog computers in our library

A Palimpsest on the Electronic Analog Art Paynter,H.M. George A. Philbrick Researches,Inc. 1955 "Collection of reprints of papers and other writings" about analog computers from the early 1950's.
Abacs or Nomograms Giet,A Philosophical Library Inc. 1956
Analog And Analog/Hybrid Computer Programming Hausner,Arthur Prentice-Hall Inc. 1971 Part of the Prentice-Hall Electrical Engineering Series, this book presents techniques of using a general purpose analog/hybrid computer for solving a variety of problems.
Analog and Digital Computer Technology Scott,Norman McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1960 Part of the McGraw-Hill Series in Information Processing and Computers, this book covers basic principles of analog and digital computers.
Analog Computation Jackson, Albert S. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1960 A comprehensive text on analog computation that does not require a specialized background in electronics.
Analog Computation and Simulation Rajaraman,V. Prentice-Hall of India 1986 "The main objective of this book is to introduce techniques of using analog computers for solving ordinary differential equations and for simulating systems described by ordinary differential equations."
Analog Computation and Simulation: Exercises Jenness, Roger R. Allyn and Bacon, Inc. 1965 Companion to "Analog Computation and Simulation: Laboratory Approach" and contains examples involving mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal, and process control systems.
Analog Computation in Engineering Design Rogers,A.E. and Connolly,T.W. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1960 Part of the McGraw-Hill Series in Information Processing and Computers, this book began as course notes for "The Application of Analog Computers to Industrial Problems."
Analogue and Hybrid Computers Nenadal, Zdenek and Mirtes, Bohumil Ilife Books Ltd., London 1968
Analogue Computation Techniques & Components Williams,R. W. Academic Press Inc. 1961 Emphasizes analog components and techniques rather than complete computers and their applications.
Analogue Computation Theory, Techniques and Applications Fifer, Stanley McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1961 Comes in 4 volumes. I'm still searching for volumes 1 and 2.
Analogue Computers Dodd,K.N. The English Universities Press Ltd. 1969 A small, easy to understand "Teach yourself book" on mechanical, and electronic analog computers and their application.
Analog Computer in Biologie und Medizin Knorre, Wolfgang A. VEB Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena 1971 (In German)
Analog Computer Handbook Haas, Violet B.
Analog Computer Programming Rekoff Jr.,Michael G. Charles E. Merrill Books Inc. 1967 With minimum equipment discussion, teaches programming and (per unit) magnitude scaling. "Requires only a general background in differential equations."
Analog Computer Simulation of Engineering Systems James,M. L., and Smith,G. M. Intext Educational Publishers 1971 "Presents the fundamental principles necessary to use the analog computer as a tool in the solution and analysis of engineering problems."
Analog Computer Techniques Johnson,Clarence L. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1963 This book covers basic principles of analog computer components and how they are used. Also includes an appendix discussion of differential equations.
Analog/Logic Programming and Simulation Ricci,Ferdinand J. Spartan Books 1972 This combination of textbook and workbook, presents the fundamentals of programming analog computers and techniques of simulation for the beginner. Contains worked-out problems in electical, mechanical, chemical, control system, and bio-engineering.
Analog Methods in Computation and Simulation Soroka,Walter A. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1954 The mechanical differential analyzer and electronic analog computer are discussed using analogies developed for linear simultaneous, polynomial, and ordinary differential equations.
Analog Simulation, Solution of Field Problems Karplus,Walter J. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1958 Part of the McGraw-Hill Series in Information Processing and Computers, this book is divided into Introduction, The Mathematical Model, Analog Simulation Systems, and Analog Applications.
Basic Analog Computation Peterson,Gerald R. Macmillan 1967
Basics of Analog Computers, Information,Experiments,and Applications Bureau of Naval Personnel 1963 Covers mathematics for analog computers, mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electronic computing components. Approved material for "Basics of Analog Computers" class at SSC,NTC Great Lakes, Illinois. (NAVPERS 92699A)
Basic Weapon Systems Components Chief of the Bureau of Naval Weapons United States Navy 1960 Mechanical fire control computer components
Calculating Instruments and Machines Hartree,Douglas R. Cambridge at the University Press 1950 Lectures given by Douglas Hartree at the University of Illinois in 1948 on recent developments in the field.
Computer Handbook Huskey, Harry D. and Korn, Granino McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1962 The first half of this 1252 page book covers analog computers, specifically electronic analog computers.
Computer Modeling and Simulation Martin, Francis F. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1968 Only digital computers are discussed
Computing Mechanisms and Linkages Svoboda,Antonnin Dover Publications 1965 (unabridged republication of the 1948 edition) Contains research done at MIT into the "mathematical design of (mechanical) linkage computers" conducted during World War II.
Design Fundamentals of Analog Computer Components Howe, R. M. D. Van Nostrand Company 1961 One of the few books that discuss the design of patch panels, amplifiers, function generators, and recorders.
Electronic Analog and Hybrid Computers Korn & Korn McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1972
Electronic Analog Computer Primer Stice, James E. & Swanson, Bernet S. Blaisdell Publishing Co. 1965 "The fundamentals of the electronic analog computing art (are presented) in a manner which requires a minimum background in electronics"
Electronic Analog Computers (D-c Analog Computers) Korn & Korn McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1952 Presents tried methods for the application for the application of analog computers and up-to-date information on computer components and systems
Elektronische Analogrechner Adler, A. VEB Deutscher Verlag Der Wissenschaften, Berlin 1962 (In German)
Function Circuits: Design and Applications Wong,Yu Jen & Ott,William E. Burr-Brown Research Corp. 1976 Covers operational amplifiers, log-amplifiers, multipliers, dividers, converters, and active filters.
Fundamentals of Analog Computers Weyrick, Robert C. Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1969 With minimum equipment discussion, teaches programming and (per unit) magnitude scaling. "Requires only a general background in differential equations."
Graphical and Mechanical Computation Lipka,Joseph John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1918 Covers scales for computation from slides rules to network of scales to nomographic or alignment charts.
High-Speed Analog Computers Tomovic,Rajko and Karplus,Walter J. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1962 "Introduces the reader to the electronic devices and circuits which combine to constitute a repetitive (analog) computer facility." Divided into four parts covering introduction, theory, equipment, and applications.
High-Speed Computing Devices Engineering Research Associates,Inc. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1950 Prepared as "an investigation and report on the status of development of computing machine components" for the Office of Naval Research. Covers digital and analog state of the art in 1950.
Hybrid Computation Bekey,George A. and Karplus,Walter J. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1968 Covers the theory, the mechanization, and the application of hybrid computers. Aimed at graduate students with no electronic or electrical engineering background.
Introduction Analog Computer Programming Rummer,Dale Holt,Rinehart and Winston Inc. 1969 Introduction to programming for second semester freshman or first semester sophomores with knowledge of calculus and analytic geometry. Contains basic operating instructions for the EAI TR-20, the Burr-Bown Model 600, and the EAI TR-48 analog computer.
Introduction to Analog Computation Ashley,Robert J. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1963 General discussion of the use of a wide range of electronic analog computer equipment for students with a college level knowledge of differential equations and physics.
Introduction To Analog Computation Blum,Joseph Harcourt, Brace & World Inc. 1968
Introductory Analog Computation with Graphic Solutions Zulauf,Earl C. and Burnett,James R. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1966 "Presents basic analog computer concepts, along with suggested problems, in a manner that can be readily understood by a student having a nominal background in physics and mathematics."
Introduction to Electronic Analogue Computers Wass,C. A. A. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1955 This book covers basic principles of analog computers and how it's used as a simulator.
Methods for Solving Engineering Problems: Using Analog Computers Levine,Leon & Levine,Arnold McGraw-Hill Inc. 1964 Part of the McGraw-Hill Series in Information Processing and Computers, this book presents "a discussion of methods for utilization of the computer for solving problems."
Operational Circuit Analysis Bush,Vannevar John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1937
Principles of Analog Computation Smith,George W. and Wood,Roger C. McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1959 Written for the senior or first year graduate student in the Physical Sciences with a basic electronic and Laplace-transformation theory background.
Simulation of Mechanical Systems: An Introduction Shigley,Joseph Edward McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1967
Simulation, the Dynamic Modeling of Ideas and Systems with Computers McLeod,John McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1968 Mostly selected article reprints from "Simulation, the Journal of Simulation Councils Inc." plus a introduction to simulation and speculation on the future of simulation.
Systematic Analog Computer Programming Charlesworth, A.S. and Fletcher, J.R. Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd., 1967 Textbook for science and engineering students.
The Principles Of Computer Simulation Department of the Navy Office of Naval Research Special Devices Center 1955 Principals of simulation using vacuum tube analog computers.

Equipment manuals in our library

Screw Propeller Computer Geo. R. McDermott Taylor & Carpenter 1902
Ballistic Computer T31 TM9-6159 Department of the Army Technical Manual Field and Depot Maintence Department of the Army, April 1956
TR-10 Analog Computer Operator's Handbook Electronic Associates Inc.
TR-10 Computer Maintenance Manual Electronic Associates Inc., 1962
TR-20 Computer Operator's Reference Handbook Electronic Associates Inc., 1964
TR-20 Maintenance Manual Electronic Associates Inc., 1964
EAI Model 680 - Computing Components Electronic Associates Inc., 1967
EAI Model 680 - Reference Handbook Electronic Associates Inc., 1969
Model 3500 - Instruction Manual Donner Scientific Company, 1960
Maintenance of the Model GN184-L1 Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, 1948
Operation of the Model GN184-L1 Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, 1948
Operation and Maintenance of L2 GEDA Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, 1951
Operator's Manual Simulators 240 Series Analog/Hybrid Computer Simulators Inc., 1968

Handbooks in our library

Handbook of Operational Amplifer Applications Burr-Brown Research Corporation, 1963
Applications Manual for Computing Amplifiers for Modelling, Measuring, Manipulating & Much Else Philbrick Researches, Inc., 1966
Applications Manual for Computing Amplifiers for Modelling, Measuring, Manipulating & Much Else Philbrick/Nexus Research, 1968
Applications Manual for Philbrick Octal Plug-in Computing Amplifiers Philbrick Researches, Inc., 1958
Handbook of Analog Computation Systron Donner Corporation, 1967

Reports in our library

Investigation of the Utility of an Electronic Analog Computer in Engineering Problems D. W. Hagelbarger, C. E. Howe, R. M. Howe Aeronautical Research Center University of Michigan, 1949
A Tabletop Electronic Differential Analyzer C. E. Howe, R. M. Howe Department of Aeronautical Engineering University of Michigan, 1953
Calculation of Normal Modes and Natural Frequencies of Ship Hulls by Means of the Electric Analog Edward Kapiloff David Taylor Model Basin Department of the Navy, 1954
Design Details and Operating Procedure for the TMB Network Analyzer John H. Kenney, Ralph C. Leibowitz David Taylor Model Basin Department of the Navy, 1959
Use of Analog Computers in Design Burrows, C.R. Draughtsmen's and Allied Technician's Association 1964

Periodicals in our library

A Continuous Integraph V. Bush, F.D.Gage, H.R.Stewart Journal of the Franklin Institute, January 1927
A Mechanical Harmonic Synthesizer-Analyzer S. Leroy Brown Journal of the Franklin Institute, December 1939

Miscellaneous items in our library

Analogue Computing in Aeronautics Lecture by K.V.Diprose to the Royal Aeronautical Society, 1955

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